The Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony was established by the mother and daughter team, Baby & Princess Lim Fernandez in 1998 in the guidance of the revered late Feng Shui Master Paul Lau Tak Lun, who revolutionized the way people view Feng Shui and Chinese traditions and made the practice of Feng Shui specially in the Philippines more accessible.

Feng Shui Expert Princess Lim Fernandez

Princess Lim Fernandez has emerged and established herself as an inimitable Feng Shui expert.

She is an alumna of the Ateneo de Manila University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Engineering and is also a member of MENSA, an International Society of high IQ individuals. Most of her professional life has been spent carving out a career in Geomancy, working primarily as a Feng Shui consultant.  Her international practice caters to both private individuals and corporations of varied industries.

In 1998, together with Feng Shui Master Paul Lau Tak Lun, Princesse and her mother Baby Lim Fernandez founded the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony housed at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

In 2001, the shop moved to the Mandarin Oriental Manila and has since then aided the hotel in ensuring success of the hotel’s famed annual Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. 

In 2015 Princesse began holding shop at the New World Makati Hotel.  There, her thriving clientele benefits from her advocacy to consistently provide reliable Feng Shui services that is faithful to the highly cultivated geomancy teachings.  Part of her effort is also to support the Feng shui community by annually publishing a Feng Shui lucky diary as an infallible daily guide for Feng Shui practitioners.

Princesse has been featured in major Philippine dailies and magazines. She had a regular segment in the Fil-Chi television show,  ‘Feng Shui and You’ and appears in multiple Feng Shui features on television. Varied corporations also annually hold Feng Shui seminars, conference and guidance sessions that feature Princesse as its keynote speaker.


Through the years varied deluxe hotels housed Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony

1998 - Second Level, Makati Shangri-La Hotel

2001 - Lobby Level, Mandarin Oriental Manila Hotel

2014 to current - Lagoon Area, Lobby Level, New World Makati Hotel


The Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony is a one stop curio shop for select Feng Shui items and other related objects; carefully selected one of a kind Chinese antiques and collectibles; genuine and natural crystals in raw and polished form. Many of the items are unique to the shop alone since they were specially made and hand-crafted based on original designs using only the finest authentic and traditional materials.

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What we do

The consultation options* offered by the shop have a distinct touch. While following and keeping the traditions of Feng Shui that has been around for thousands of years, Feng Shui Expert Princess Lim Fernandez makes sure that a well-applied perspective of Feng Shui reading and counselling fitting to the modern world is being integrated in the age-old Feng Shui practices. This approach creates highly effective results for its practitioners thereby distinguishing the uniqueness of a Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony Feng Shui Consultation.

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